Managed Rules for IP Reputation for AWS WAF

We provide a list of IPs that we collect and track from services around the world. We analyze each request and determine whether it is being used for malicious purposes. If you're using AWS WAF, it gives you professional protection like no one else.

OWASP Top Rule Set for AWS WAF

We follow and keep up to date with all the threats and knowledge every day. We collect requests and develop rules to identify these attacks. You can get a progessional protections for your services in AWS our top rule set.

Malicious Bots for AWS WAF

Whether you are just starting a business or your service is already popular. You don't want tens of thousands of bots checking your site. We receive and identify a large number of requests every day, and we can collect and identify bot requests in real time. With our help, you can prevent senseless bot behavior from your site.

HTTP Threats Rule Set for AWS WAF

Hackers are improving their skills every day, and so are we. We collect and track their behavior from our Services around the world. We develop methods to classify these attacks. We can help you protect your services from the latest attacks.


With all our efforts and knowledge, we are developing our own WAF. We plan to release it in all cloud computing environments. Our WAF will have all the goodies listed above built in. You can get professional protection with our WAF without changing any existing architecture.